To ensure quick deliveries to the customer, there is a large finished goods with springs and other accessories needed for the spring assembly. Orders placed before 13.00 will be delivered the same day.


Heavy springs

Rånäs can offer customers quick deliveries directly from the warehouse, we now have a large stock of the multi leaf springs complete with bushings of the types present in the market. The quality of our springs are at least as good as OE standard. We are using exactly the same type of spring steel and the same approach in our production as the original manufacturers use. We can also help customers who have special vehicles or driving odd loads to calculate and produce the multi leaf spring for a certain special need.


Light springs

We have a full range of springs for lighter vehicles as pickup and mini van. Our product catalogue currently covers 180 different springs. It is a wide range to different brands, like Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Daihatsu.

Rånäs is able to offer a complete solution including spring bushings and seizures. We can also offer special designed springs for customer with special requirements.


Specialty products

Rånäs also manufacture many different products in spring steel, both flat and round material. We have very flexible production equipment for the processing of spring steel, both cold and hot in terms of milling, turning, drilling, shaping, angles and different types of forging. This makes the manufacturing of products for industrial purposes well suited for both small and large series. Examples of some products manufactured in Rånäs: Special Springs, U-springs, stabilizer, brake springs, Sulky springs, contact strips, cultivator springs. Some examples of companies that buy Rånäs industrial products:are ABB, VME, Tellefdal A / S, Ranaverken, Freno, Rockwool, Safetrac, Volvo, and others.



Rånäs manufacture all types of u-bolts in steel from 10 mm to 30 mm, all u-bolts for heavy vehicles hardened and visited with the standards that exist for the round steel quality 10.9 by default. To commercial vehicles as Scania, Volvo and various trailer manufacturers, Rånäs has developed a program of u-bolts that have extra long thread. This means a big reduction of part numbers which still cover the most popular types. The same has also been done to the light vehicles which are sold in bags with washers and nuts.


Parabolic springs

Rånäs Bilfjädrar collaborate with two of the leading manufacturers of parabolic springs which also manufactures the original ones. An extensive stocks of various types of parabolic springs and air links are available for most brands in Rånäs. Emphasis is springs for Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, BPW, ROR and the SAF. To ensure quick deliveries of springs with less turnover or odd brand, we have the opportunity to enclosed them in our weekly deliveries from Europe.


Air bellows

A complete program of air bellows are stocked to the most common brands of trucks, buses and trailers. Rånäs has a cooperation agreement with AirTech, which is one of the largest manufacturers of air bellows to OE and aftermarket. They have a wide range of different types of bellows both ordinary roller bellows and convulsions bellows.


Mounting details

We are stocking many different parts as a complement to spring production. In order to permit customers to buy the all items required for spring installation.

Examples of parts required and available on the stock are poultry stone, spring bolts, bushings, shock absorbers, center screw, sliding pieces, u-bolts, nuts and bellows / shock absorbers to the cab suspension etc.